BICO v6 Supports usability measures for cycle scheme performance

Version 6 provides additional map views in the BICO operator console to help operators to make optimal logistics decisions.

These new map views helps operators visualise the logistics task in more dimensions than the standard map view and helps to support more user oriented service level agreements.

EXISTING VIEW – Station Status View

The BICO console has always had the Empty Full Station Status map view that highlights the empty and full status of stations on a map.

Standard View

This view shows how BICO supports and optimises scheme performance for traditional service level agreements such as docking station Empty / Full measures and penalties.


Two new map views have been added to Version 6; Usability & Unpreparedness these views support additional scheme performance measures of Usability.

Usability view

Usability is a measure of scheme performance that Stage Intelligence has developed as a method of efficiently servicing zones within a cycle hire scheme.

Useability View

The usability measure focuses on the user experience, so that with a defined walking distance there is access to a docking station to hire or park.

Usability stops the over servicing or under servicing of areas/zones.

Unpreparedness View

This view is similar to the standard view except that the unpreparedness view shows more detail behind the level of empty full.


This view is particularly useful to help identify potential problems in zones before they become a problem and helps the operator take pre-emptive action.

This view also demonstrates the predictive nature of BICO.