Stage Intelligence has analysed cycle usage information from Cycle Hire Schemes and developed some unique solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to help predict and manage cycle usage across large city wide schemes. This ability can also be used to create and manage Service Level Agreements that meet the needs of cycle users.

Stage Intelligence has created a White Paper that highlights some of the issues and usage patterns. We present our thoughts and finding as a discussion framework that Cycle Scheme Owners and Operators can use to help them create a workable SLA to meet the demands of cycle users.


“To ensure that schemes provide a good service to their users, Cycle Scheme Owners create SLA’s with their Scheme operators. Traditionally the SLA’s between cycle scheme owners and the operators will include a measure of availability of cycles and parking spaces e.g. a docking station must not be either empty or full for longer than a X minute time period. “

“A workable service level agreement for cycle scheme owners and operators also needs to take into account the usage patterns of cycle scheme users. Failure to get a workable balance between the needs of the key stakeholders will result in poor user experience, limited uptake, reduced revenue and bad publicity. “

For further information download the full document.